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Adorable😍Tanzanite 💙Daimond✨Ring💍


Tanzanite is one of the rarest gemstones on the planet.In fact, it is about a 1000 times more rare than Daimond.

This royal piece makes it an excellent addition to any jewelry collection. This gem has multiple colors in different viewing directions. Tanzanite is purple, blue and red at the same time. 

The more flawless the stone, the higher it’s value and beauty. The clarity is graded on whether or not the stone is eye-clean. This means that if there are no inclusions visible to the naked eye, the stone will be graded flawless. Pure, inclusion free stones are rarer and will often times be more expensive. 

This is an absolutely beautiful flawless AAA+ quality Tanzanite with excellent real Daimond made with 14kt yellow gold setting. 

Product Details:

*18kt yellow gold Amazing Flawless Tanzanite💙Ring💍

*AAA+ quality of Tanzanite 💙14.77cts

*Real Daimonds ✨2CTs

*Size 7 (we can do sizing for you 💕)

*Retails for $20000


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