Gold And Silver Creations Key West

Atocha shipwreck treasure Mel fisher silver coin pendants in 14k solid gold bezel and 10k gold chains ( 2 pairs )


These two beautiful atocha coin pendants are minted from silver bars that was found in the wreck of coast of Key West in Atocha Shipwreck and has 14kt gold bezel. 

On September 4, 1622, two Spanish sailing ships, the Santa Margarita and the Nuestra Senora de Atocha left Cuba with lots of silver coins, gold coins , emeralds and silver bars and headed for Spain. In few days a big hurricane hit the ship and got sunk. 

The treasure was found my Mel Fisher in 1985. He was born around 300 years to the day the ship got sunk. He said ( TODAY IS THE DAY ) every single day since he started diving to find the treasure for 20 years despite all the problems he was going through. And finally he found the mother lode. 


Enjoy this amazing piece of history. 

Product Details 

:Silver recovered from Sunken Treasure

:925 Sterling Silver 

:Comes with 10k rope chains 

:14kt gold bezel 

:2 sets 

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